Konark & Puri


Puri is One of the Four Dhams of Hindu people, which is believed to be like Mecca for Muslims. As this Place known as Sankha Khetra & the Temple Idols represent all the Three Concepts of Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva, One Hindu can come to this Place to complete the Pilgrimage in case not able to visit the All Four Dhams in Four Corners of India. Jagannath Temple is allowed for Hindus only. We will use the Platform (Closed on Sunday & Local Holidays) in front of the Temple to watch the activities partially inside the temple. Every Year, during June/July the Grand Chariot Festival of the Temple Attracts around One Million People around the World to this place.

Konark Sun Temple, the Black Pagoda & One of the UNESCO Sites. The 13th Century AD Temple represent the Culmination of Odiya Style of Architecture & it's said by the Great Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, The Language of Stone at Konark has defeated the Language of the Man. With it's Great Architectural style & the Sculpture on the Walls, Konark Sun Temple has attracted Millions of Travelers to this place from India & Abroad.

One Night Two Days Programme

Day 01 : Arrival at the Camp. Check in & Afternoon boating in the river & walk on the Sandy beach of Bay of Bengal.

Day 02 : Visit of Sun Temple of Konark in the morning. Drive to Puri. Sight Seeing of Puri. Board the Evening train from Puri to Kolkata or any other destination.