Chilika & Raghurajpur


Chilika Lake is the Largest Brackish Water Lake of Asia spreading over 1100 sq kms of area. This lake accommodates Migratory Birds during December to April from Siberia, Australia & many more countries of the world. Some of the birds now have made their permanent home at this lake & the visit can be made from the Mangalajodi Eco Tourism Village which is a 2hrs journey from Bhubaneshwar. Wild Asiatic Irrawaddy Dolphins are One of the Major Attractions for the Tourist coming for the Visit to the Lake & seen in the side of Satpada on Chilika Lake which is a 2hours journey from Puri.. To see the Migratory Birds like Pelicans, Flamingos & many important species, during Winter, one has to reach Barkul on Chilika Lake which is a 2hrs drive from Bhubaneshwar. Visit to the Lake also allows the clients to watch the Fishermen’ activities & Pilgrims visiting Kalijai Temple in the island. There are many islands in this Lake & some of them are still not connected with the road. People use the Big Boats for their means of Transportation.

Raghurajpur is Declared as the Heritage Village of Odisha, the only place where you can experience the Artisans working on the Silk, Paper, Beatle Nuts, Coconuts, Cow Dung, Coir & many more. The Traditional Patta Painters of Odisha live in this village in the different parts like Dandasahi, Nayakpatna & Raghurajpur are now experts making different kinds of Artistic useful house hold materials for the market which are worth buying from them directly helping them to retain the Handicrafts of Odisha. Your visit will introduce to the Age Old Patta Painting workers in the village & their working style.

This is the Only village also in Odisha where the Gurus (Teachers) are still holding the age old Traditional Ashram system to train the Boys to perform World Famous Gotipua Dance. Gotipua Dance which was formed in 12th Century AD after the Mughal Invasion to Odisha is a twisted form of Odishi Dance, One of the Seven Classical Dances of India. As Odishi Dance or Devadasi Dance system vanished from the Temple, Gotipua Dance got introduced to the Society in a form of Entertainment where only Boys were trained to dance since child hood with the application of special oils on the joints & bones to keep it flexible till the young age. This group used Duplicate or Plastic Ornaments in order to give respect to the Odishi Dance which was a Temple Dance in Odisha. They introduced Acrobatic forms in the dance as the Boys were able to do it & was not allowed for the Girls in the Odishi Dance. This Dance form is now only in practice in Raghurajpur & near by areas.

Three Nights Four days program

Day 01 : Arrival at the Camp. Check in & Afternoon boating in the river & walk on the Sandy beach of Bay of Bengal.

Day 02 : Visit of Sun Temple of Konark in the morning. Drive to Puri. Visit the Jagannath Temple & Puri Sight Seeing. Back to the Camp.

Day 03 : Visit of Raghurajpur Artisan’s village & Satpada on Chilika Lake to spot the Wild Irrawady Dolphins & Enjoy a Very authentic Local Lunch on the Sea Mouth.

Day 04 : Drive to Bhubaneshwar. Sightseeing of Temples, Caves, State Museum & Tribal Museum. Drop at Airport or Station for onward connection.